Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern

The Virtuelle Hochschule Bayern, or Virtual University of Bavaria (, supplements the range of courses available at Bavarian universities, providing a more effective course of study, while at the same time injecting fresh impetus into university education. The vhb supports and coordinates the application of multi-media tools in education and training.

The virtual university is directly associated with all 9 Bavarian universities and 17 polytechnics as an interactive multimedia network and offers high-quality online lectures hosted by Bavarian professors on the Internet. Trained tutors supervise the courses developed at the respective universities. The web based multimedia teaching and education format is both independent of time and location for the individual user (open free of charge to any student and lecturer of the Bavarian universities and polytechnics).

Currently the vhb offers 83 courses, 48 modules and additional tools and applications. The course program is continuous and allows accreditation according to general examination regulations (examination must be taken in person at one of the associated institutions). Modules are part of the courses and may be applied as well in regular university teaching. The provided tools range from encyclopaedias to simulation programmes. Besides Engineering, the course programmes cover IT, medicine, key qualifications and economics, teacher training, law and social studies.

The project was financed with 11,2 million euro during the launching phase from 2000 to 2002 and is granted a budget of 3,6 million euro per year paid by the state (confirmed until 2006). At present approximately 10.000 students are using the course programmes and are dependent on the state funding.

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