Minutes of the 2nd meeting
of EUCEET Task Force SP6

(4th of June 2005)
Participants, members:
Jan Bujnak (University of Zilina), Matej Fischinger (University of Ljubljana), Kees van Kuijen (Delft University of Technology), Ralf Reinecke (IBR, Munich), Helena Wasmus (Delft University of Technology)

Chairperson: Ralf Reinecke (IBR, Munich)

Minutes:Helena Wasmus (Delft University of Technology)

In the first part of the meeting Ralf Reinecke presented the results of the electronical questionnaire. Reinecke did receive 38 reactions from 31 institutions in 18 different countries. These results will be incorporated in the draft of the report that Reinecke is preparing for the 3rd General Assembly.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to three presentations of the state of affairs at the departments of Civil Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, the University of Zilina and Delft University of Technology. Summaries of these three presentations (300 800 words) will be incorporated in the report. Summaries will be written by the authors of the presentations and be sent to Reinecke before July 1st in order to meet the deadline for the presentation at the General Assembly.

After this the content and the structure of to report that Reinecke will write was extensively discussed.
The following scheme was agreed on:

  • Introduction (why this report)
  • Explanation of the online questionnaire
  • Results of the online questionnaire
  • Short overview on e-learning tools, reference to the summaries of good practice (see above)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of IVT in education, as well for teaching staff as for students
  • Necessary requirements when using ict in study programmes
  • How to build in ICT applications (set goals, formulate what you want and why, support is vital, work from simple towards advanced applications and procedures, integrate in curriculum)

  • 24th of June 2005
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