Minutes of the 1st meeting
of EUCEET Task Force SP6

(7th of May 2004)
Participants, members:
Carsten Ahrens (Fachhochschule Oldenburg), Wojchech Baranski (University of Lodz), François-Gerard Baron (Conseil National des Ingenieurs et Scientifiques de France), Eivind Bratteland (NTU Trondheim), Jan Bujnak (University of Zilina), Alberto Corigliano (Politecnico di Milano), Aniko Csebfalvi (University of Pecs), György Farkas (Technical University of Budapest), Matej Fischinger (University of Ljubljana), Ian May (Heriot-Watt University), Raulica Raileanu (Technical University “Gh. Asachi” Iasi), Dan Stematiu (Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest), Jean-Francois Thimus (Universite Catholique de Louvain), Helena Wasmus (Delft University of Technology)

Non-participating members :
Dion Buhagiar (University of Malta), Marina Pantazidou (National Technical University Athens), Carsten Sorensen (Aalborg University), Xavier Sanches-Vila (U.P. Catalunya), Ertsen Maurits (Delft University of Technology)

Chairperson / Minutes: Ralf Reinecke (IBR, München)

Subject of discussion is the terms of reference of TF SP6 on information and communication tools in civil engineering education. The current terms of reference and the current state of discussion can be found on this website

During the meeting a small questionnaire was circulated to gain insight on some ICT standards used among the participating members. Ralf Reinecke pointed out that it was important to know the common level of standards used to enable a functioning communication.

The following items were inquired
(The answers whether it is a standard are given in percentages):

• The use of email as a tool for a discussion forum (100%)
• Basic office tools, e.g. MS Office or similar (95%)
• Web based presentation of courses (70%)
• Independent courses for ICT applications (70%)
• E-Learning (70%)

Discussing the differences in standards among the participants it was stressed that the availability of facilities for students is very important and

Referring to the inquiry of examples of practice Jan Bujnak reported on experiences with video-conferencing in course work and Helena Wasmus told the group about a communication tool (blackboard) used at the Delft University.

The participants agreed that it would be important to gather information of examples of good practice from among the EUCEET members.

In an email circulated to all EUCEET partners institutions will be asked to indicate examples of good practice and give online reference if possible.

Several members of the group suggested to contact ICT responsible staff at their institutions to get information first hand in reference to tools used at the institutions.

François-Gerard Baron asked about the future of e-learning and proposed as an output of SP6 a recommendation for e-learning.

Matej Fischinger states that ICT (like in e-learning) cannot replace face-to-face education, but is very much able to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.

Since there was only little time it was not possible to discuss about possible key points in the use of ICT. Ralf Reinecke proposed to start an email discussion based on this meeting to develop further ideas and comments. Important results occurring in the email discussion will be displayed at this website.

Depending on the work progress within the following three months it will be clarified with the steering committee if an intermediate meeting is necessary and possible.

31th of May 2004
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